A multiplayer space shooter built using HTML5 canvas and WebSockets


    You'll soon be able to control a variety of features in the game.

    About Rawkets

    Part experiment, part game; Rawkets is a multiplayer space shooter built using some of the latest Web technologies. It's fun, addictive, and a challenge to master. The game is in active development, so expect regular updates with awesome new features. This is just the beginning!

    Built using open Web technologies

    Rawkets has been specifically created with open Web technologies, like WebSockets, Node, and HTML5 canvas. The purpose of creating the game has been to learn about these technologies, and to see just how possible it is to create fun multiplayer experience within the browser.

    Created by Rob Hawkes

    Rob thrives on solving problems through code. He's addicted to visual programming, and can't get enough of HTML5 canvas. Most of his waking life is spent working on crazy projects involving all sorts of new and exciting technologies, both on-line and off. Aside from his practical work, Rob has written a book called "Foundation HTML5 Canvas", which is all about making games with canvas. He is a Technical Evangelist for Mozilla.

    Visit Rob's website, or follow him on Twitter.